Class Dashboard

What later becomes the Microsoft Classroom

Project Overview:Microsoft Class Dashboard was incubated in the Startup Business Group of Microsoft, now it became part of Microsoft Classroom

Role: UX Designer

Year: 2014-2015

My contribution: Delivered feature end-to-end in a 2-person design team

Project Details

Microsoft Class Dashboard was incubated in the Startup Business Group of Microsoft, it later became the Microsoft Classroom.

We help teachers to create online assignment and class announcements. Teachers could easily access class materials, shared calendar and class notebooks all in one place. Student could also submit homework, start a conversation and have 24/7 access to class material and notes.


The discover phase is all about asking the right questions. We studied our customers, our major competitors and sent out surveys to collect quantitative data to students and teachers. We’ve learned so much from them on how things work today, and what their pain points are.

I consider this phase to be the most important phase in the design process, because it decides which problem the team will be tackling.


After the research phase on the customers and competitors, we had a pretty good idea of which problems to solve. I started laying out the IA to help the team and stakeholders to decide which MVPs to focus on. We also started writing the user scenarios and use cases.

The education space has many parties:

- The buyers: the district office and principles will be the buyer of this product, they decide what products schools will be using. Most of the time, budget is very low for public schools, educators want free products.

- The users: teachers and students will be the main users of this product.(/p)

- The IT admins: we have a separate product that's specifically designed for the IT admins, code nane Microsoft School Information System

The teacher’s use cases will be focusing on authorization tasks like creating an assignment, reviewing an assignment, onboarding the students; The students’ use cases will mostly be consumptions like getting onboarded, check out what’s the assignment, get reminded when the due date is close etc.